Format: Paperback
Book type: Anthology
ISBN-13: 9781912697489
Published: 30 Jun 2021

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Seventy years after the adoption of the 1951 Refugee Convention, the UK is guilty of undermining the very principles of asylum, inhumanely detaining those seeking protection and ushering in sweeping changes that threaten to punish refugees at every turn.

But the UK’s immigration system is not alone in committing such breaches of human rights. The fourth volume of Refugee Tales explores our present international environment, combining author re-tellings with first-hand accounts of individuals who have been detained across the world.

As the coronavirus pandemic defies borders – leaving those who are detained even more vulnerable – this collection shares stories spanning Canada, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the UK, and calls for international insistence on a future without detention.

Featuring a prologue by Baroness Shami Chakrabarti. 


The fourth volume in the Refugee Tales series, proceeds from the sales of which go to two refugee charities. 


Join us at our forthcoming events at Hastings Lit Fest, Small Wonder (in-person) & Off the Shelf Festival (online). 

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‘Heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure. Every page is filled with quiet dignity.’ Shobu Kapoor

'These beautifully told stories vividly depict what it is to grapple with the unbearable sadness and pain of leaving your home country, alongside the inhumane existence so many refugees endure.' – Niamh Cusack 

‘A courageous book’ – Jackie Kay

Read contributor Natalia Sierra on how her experience of displacement shaped her writing for Waterstones.

"I can promise that anyone who reads this astonishing volume will never again believe that lie." - Word Factory

"It never ceases to shock me that so many vulnerable people arrive on these shores, having fled one hell only to find themselves in another. Refugee Tales highlights this travesty of justice." – Lucy Popescu, The Other Side of Hope

Read 'The Prisoner's Tale' as told to Christy Lefteri at The Irish Times.

Read 'The Outsider's Tale' as told to Bidisha at Bad Form.

Read 'The Stowaway's Tale' as told to Amy Sackville at New Writing.

Read Three Poems by Kyon Ferril at The State of the Arts.

Bidisha reads 'The Outsider's Tale' - watch on Vimeo.

Watch co-editor Anna Pincus and contributor Dina Nayeri discuss Volume IV at Migration Matters Festival 2021 (online for free for a limited time only).

'Each story reveals a small part of the system that makes up the hostile environment.' - Caroline Lodge, Book Word